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rosters ir pup dynasty

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#1 Long Johns

Long Johns


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Posted 23 August 2015 - 05:08 PM

Has there been any further discussion or decision on having players listed on PUP not costing a roster spot in dynasty leagues?  It seems silly that a player that CAN NOT play for his team until the 6th week in the NFL, has to take up a roster spot in our 20 man lineup.


I saw some threads about it in the past but nothing recent.  Anyone else agree or disagree?



#2 Kevin5454



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Posted 25 August 2015 - 02:30 PM

It would be nice to have both a PUP spot and IR, like the NFL. Tough to roster players like Kevin White who are on PUP. No where to put them...

#3 Long Johns

Long Johns


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Posted 26 August 2015 - 07:14 AM

So I have heard back from FFPC leadership (Dave) regarding this topic as I sent him an email about it.  Here is his response - I appreciate the upfront honest nature of his reply even though I disagree with the answer or logic.


Hi John,


If those players are placed on IR-Eligible to Return then they can be IRed. If they are placed on PUP, they cannot. We do not intend to create a PUP list or start to permit PUP players to be IRed, sorry. It is already very tough to try and enforce IR rules, adding another element wouldn't work.


One of our goals is to try and keep these leagues competitive year after year. We do that by having small rosters and not permitting owners to stash guys on Injured Reserve that are not actually on NFL Injured Reserve.    


I appreciate your viewpoint on the topic. It is not something we plan to change however. 



Dave Gerczak

#4 Lexus


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Posted 03 September 2015 - 09:13 AM

Dave - how come in FFPC Dynasty when one is in the overall league rosters view, there is no way to readily see/identify which player(s) are on IR status-  the only designation specifically being depicted is "R" - which I decipher to mean a "Reserve" or Bench non-starter status. And in the Trades view where there is only a Player and a Draft Picks view/designation, again there is no way to readily see/identify which player(s) are on IR status.


Basically, one has to be in the/an individual team view where an owner does have one of his players on IR to see that there is a designation of Injured Reserve, which is different from a starter or Bench/Reserve to accurately see the actual status for his/that player. Heck, even in the FAAB window in a recently completed satellite draft the listing of players shows Kevin Benjamin right at the top of the listing with no indication that he is on NFL IR status - which could permit someone to accidentally (or on purpose) bid and be awarded this player, which might/could permit a pick-up/stash of a player on a franchise's individual team's roster and/or IR slot for future performance contributions.


I contend that an individual league's overall rosters view might be based upon a compilation of the 12 teams' individual roster views, but some how the difference between Bench versus IR is not being differentiated and thus, official FFPC Injured Reserve (I) players are being grouped as "R" which I take as being reserve/bench non-starters. However, I believe the programming software should have been written to clearly & easily differentiate between IR status and Reserve/Bench status - and assure that it appears as such in the overall league roster view, the trade view, and wherever else that individual player's name appears. 


How come what seemed so readily viewable in the past in several views, now seems to have fallen through the proverbial crack for whatever reason.


You recently handled very well, the notification of who does indeed qualify for being placed on IR. But as the season(s) roll on it would be better for all of us to be able to differentiate which players are and who aren't on IR status (here and NFL-wise) without adding to your present onerous workload that it is.


Thanks as always for your prompt attention & handling of FFPC situations - whether they be of a general or a specific nature - Lexus  :)

#5 Henry Muto

Henry Muto


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Posted 15 September 2015 - 02:36 PM

I have been asking for this since 2012 when I had to carry Best on the roster entire season and this year it is happening again with LaFell.  I have been asking for this for 4 years but it falls on deaf ears as well despite one of the best sites out there MFL having a IR-PUP spot ability.  It makes zero sense and it basically cost me my game this week since I didn't have the roster spot to keep Riddick for waivers I had to cut him because I had to roster LaFell instead of PUP/IR him and I lost by 7 pts because the guy I kept Jonas Gray got cut my NE AFTER our waivers ran which is another maddening thing that we run waivers before NFL cuts so I had no RB 2 this week with Gurley and Blount on my roster had I been able to PUP LaFell I win my game by 4 pts instead I lost by 7 with no RB 2.

Very frustrating having to ask every year and for no good reason get shot down year after year.  There is no difference between being able to IR a guy for return and a PUP guy that can't play.  Not fair a team can IR a guy and bring him back but we have a guy WHO CAN NOT PLAY FOR 6 WEEK OR MORE but he can't be PUP'ed/IR'd.  THERE IS NO CHANCE HE CAN PLAY just like the guy who is on IR for return.


Hey I like these guys here who run this site I think highly of them and I love the site playing here but this is getting frustrating to deal with year after year after year.


Waivers should be changed to the day before season (Thursday game) as well.  I seen many teams have no kicker because of all the kickers getting dropped the day after waivers in the NFL.


What is the reason we must have the waivers a week before the season ?  That makes zero sense as well.  It runs every Wednesday during the season let it run on Wednesday the day before season starts.

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#6 Dave



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Posted 11 January 2016 - 01:51 PM

Re-visiting this topic.


Starting in 2016, we are going to permit all PUP list players, IR-ed players, IR-eligible to return and Reserve-NFI (Smelter is an example) players to be placed on FFPC IR going forward. The only player we will still not permit is Suspended (sorry Josh Gordon), or players that are listed as Out for the week.  We think it will make everyone happier and lessen confusion.

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